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Monerai is a homebuilt kit sailplane designed and sold in the early and mid 1980's. Designed by John T. Monnett and sold by Monnett Experimental Aircraft, Inc. of Wisconsin, USA.

Construction of the fuselage is a welded 4130 "Chrome Moly" steel tube "Truss" with an aluminum tube boom and "V" tail empennage. The truss is faired with a fiberglass shell and molded canopy.

The wings are all aluminum construction utilizing an extruded "I-Beam" main spar and 26 ribs per wing. The constant chord wings employ approximately 2/3 span flaps and 1/3 span ailerons. The flaps are designed to be set to 90 degrees down for landing. The wing skin is bonded to the ribs with Hysol 9430 room temperature setting epoxy.

The Monerai S version is a pure sailplane with an 11 meter (36 feet) wingspan. Monerai also was available with wing tip extensions to make the span 12 meters (39 feet).

Also available as the Monerai P which included either a Zenoah single cylinder 250cc or a Koenig 3 cylinder radial engines. The addition of the engine enables self-launch capability. The engine is solidly mounted on a pylon behind the cockpit and is removable when not desired. The fuel capacity allows about 30 minutes of engine run while climbing to altitude.

In the late 1980's, the Monerai manufacturing ownership was sold at auction. It reappeared for a short time supported and sold by Hapi Engines of Eloy, Arizona. Apparently Hapi Engines went out of business and it is unknown where any of the production drawings and molds went.

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