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Several years ago, I started compiling information about the Monerai. I noted that on the Yahoo Group ( People were requesting various information. I decided to have copies made of all the documentation I could find and put it on one Compact Disk in pdf format.

I mailed over 100 of these CD's to interested persons worldwide, requesting only that they return to me a donation to cover the cost of the raw CD and shipping costs. The project was a success, but involved quite a lot of work preparing and shipping.

One day while searching the web for aditional Monerai information I found a site in Russia with a copy of my drawings from the CD available for download. Then another in Spain!

About the same time, David Hill offered to host a Monerai web site on which all the information would be available to anyone on the web. We created and I never shipped another CD.

This page has links to all of the original CD in the same groupings that were on the CD, see the links below. The rest of the narative on this page is the note I included in the root directory of the CD.



This compilation of documents for the MONERAI totals nearly 800 pages (see Table of Contents).

I made corrections to the scanning of several of the Monik/INAV newsletters.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar software to be able to view the pdf format pages. Acrobat Reader is available free from

I wish to thank Stu Ostrander for donating his documents to the cause. I will keep his originals available in case some of the pdf files need to be re-scanned.

The Construction Drawings are now included in these files. I found local graphics shop that only charged $2 per page to scan that size document into a file. I havenít tried to print a document of that size, but full size should be able to be printed on an architectural plotter. They are also in pdf format.

Please notify me of any errors or additional material available:

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