The weather was great today so I assembled the fuselage and moved it outside in front of the garage of our home.  

The date is November 29, 2008.  

The location is Central Oregon.


Here is a view of the right side. Yes, I did stick the engine in place.

The nose and instrument panel   The two black knobs below the panel are vent controls.  The vent doors are made from piano hinge.

I titled this "First Class Seating"!  Note the trim control at the base of the control stick handle.

Canopy latch handle.  Note the use of R/C airplane control cables.  Throttle is below.

Forward latch.  The brake cable is sticking up just to the rear of the latch.

The tongue that is captured by the sliding pin in the above latch.

Rear latch.

Nose with Yaw pedals. I have added plates at the bottom of the pedals for heel rests.

Shoulder belt attachments.  The attachment hardware slips over the boom attach bushing and is held in place by the boom attach bolt.

Here is the engine (Zenoah 250 cc).  I haven't fed the fuel line and electrical cables through yet.

Right Tail Surface tip.  The green sheet is 0.0625 fiberglass circuit board material.

Here is the boom and tail surfaces along with the anti-servo tabs.

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